2D Imaging Simulation from 3D Particle Data: Python Notebooks, Particle Datasets, and Simulation Results

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Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

2D projection imaging techniques are simulated with 3D particle data from tomography measurements. This submission contains three distinct parts: original particle data, Python notebooks to simulate 2D imaging of the particles, and the resulting simulation dataset. The particle data comes as STLs that have been converted from VTK particle data as provided by the PARROT database (https://parrot.tu-freiberg.de/). The STL files are not identical with the STLs provided by PARROT as of May 2024! The particle data folder is provided as separate archive because of its large size. The Python notebooks were created with Jupyter Lab and Anaconda. A environment.yml file is provided that recreates the Anaconda environment. The simulation dataset that results from the provided Python notebooks is made available as CSV files or as pickled Python (pandas) DataFrames. Please refer to the included Readme for a detailed description of the files contained in the archive.

Attribution 4.0 International