Statistics for OPARA Research Data Repository

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Guidelines for quantitative survey on perception of urban green spaces during COVID-19 pandemic 249
Strain curves measured with different DFOS types and varying spatial resolution by an ODiSI 6108 216
STABEEL - Messkampagne 2023/Q1 - Experimentelle Verifikation von Umrichterinteraktionen Q(U)-geregelter Erzeugungsanlagen am Dynamischen Netzmodell (physikalische 220-kV-Netznachbildung) des TUD - IEEH 206
Traffic Light Data of Hamburg collected in September and October 2023 (Observations from SensorThings API) 58
PGT Prompt Gamma Timing PETsys data for publication at IKTP (PGT) 48
Extended Phase-Field Method (XPFM) - Data corresponding to publication: "An enriched phase-field method for the efficient simulation of fracture processes" by Loehnert et al. (2023) 45
Supplementary data of publication: "In-line Image Analysis of Particulate Processes with Deep Learning: Optimizing Training Data Generation via Copy-Paste Augmentation" 40
Source code, scripts, and data used in the PhD thesis "Fine-grained OS Control over High-performance Networking" 38