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Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsdfg - Funder
Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsKiebel, Stefan - TUD - ProjectLeader
Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataCuevas Rivera, Darío
Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataCuevas Rivera, Dario - TUD (ORCID: 0000-0003-0516-5210)
AbstractBehavioral data for all 35 subjects. The matlab files contain the data for one subject each. Each file contains one array of structures; each structure has some fields, the only important one of which is "block". Within block, which is another structure, there are the following fields: points rt - Reaction times. Badly calculated, therefore useless. reihe - Which of the eight offers they received at each trial. The order is different from the one in the paper, and are given by the following code: Ma=[100,180,145,145,115,150,170,120]; %Magnitude Choice A (safe) Mb=[265,260,245,350,240,190,245,210]; %Magnitude Choice B (risky) Pa=[0.90,0.60,0.75,0.55,0.90,0.60,0.75,0.80]; %Probabilities Choice A Pb=[0.35,0.35,0.35,0.20,0.45,0.45,0.40,0.30]; %Probabilities Choice B response - Whether subjects selected risky (0) or safe (1) sumpts - Cummulative points throughout the mini-block target - Threshold, indexing [595,930,1035,1105] rechts - Whether the risky choice was on the right-hand side or the left-hand side. Useless now. When importing to python, see's documentation for more info.
Counties, the data is referencingGERMANYde
Year or period of data production2017
Publication year2018
PublisherTechnische Universität Dresden
Content of the research dataText, Software: Experimental data in matlab files, as well as the code used to import and reformat it to python.
Other specification of usage rights
Holder of usage rightsTechnische Universität Dresden
Usage rights of the dataCC-BY-4.0
Title of the datasetExperimental, behavioral data

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