In this pilot study for Study 1 of CRC 940/2 subproject B6, we collected data from a large sample via an online survey using the questionnaires to assess the following personality traits: Need for Cognition, Self-Control, Effortful Control, and Action and State Orientation, and in addition Generalized Self-Efficiacy and the Big Five Personality Traits. The main research question was to examine to what extent Need for Cognition and Self-Control are related and whether there would be evidence for mediation or moderation effects. The results of these analyses will be submitted for publication (Grass, J. et al., Thinking in action: Need for Cognition predicts self-control together with action orientation). In this collection, the data and analysis routines as well as additional information to assess the validity of our results are provided.

This project is open access and publicly accessible.


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