The plate-bounding Alpine Fault in New Zealand is an 850 km long transpressive continental fault zone that is late in its earthquake cycle. The Deep Fault Drilling Project (DFDP) aims to deliver insight into the geological structure of this fault zone and its evolution by drilling and sampling the Alpine Fault at depth. We have acquired and processed reflection seismic data to image the subsurface around the drill site: 1) a 2D seismic line in 2011 and 2) an extended 3D walkaway Vertical Seismic Profiling data set in 2016. The resulting velocity models and seismic images of the upper 5 km show complex subsurface structures around the Alpine Fault zone with both the local structures of the glacial valley and the tectonic fault structures. The results provide a reliable basis for a seismic site characterisation at the DFDP-2 drill site and correlate with preliminary cutting and logging results from the drilling. Thus, the information derived from the seismic data sets are crucial for further structural and geological investigations of the architecture of the Alpine Fault in this area.

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Recent Submissions

  • Data Archive DFDP Seismic extended 3D surface and VSP survey (Alpine Fault 3D-VSP)Open Access Icon 

    Lay, Vera; Buske, Stefan; Townend, John; Eccles, Jennifer; Kellett, Richard; Constantinou, Alexis; Schmitt, Douglas; Bertram, Malcolm; Hall, Kevin; Savage, Martha; Gorman, Andrew; Bodenburg, Sascha Barbara; Kleine, Franz; Kofman, Randolf; Benson, Adrian; Gulley, Anton; McNab, Andrew; Lindsay, Danielle; Hopp, Chet; Mann, Christin; Lepine, Patrick; Bowman, Hamish; Lawton, Don (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2021)
    This seismic data set was acquired in 2016 by a joint effort of several partners. A detailed field report describes the field procedures and available data: Townend, J., Eccles, J., Kellett, R., Buske, S., Constantinou, ...
  • Seismic P-wave velocity model at the DFDP-2 drill siteOpen Access Icon 

    Lay, Vera; Buske, Stefan; Bodenburg, Sascha Barbara (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2019)
    Data sets for a seismic P-wave velocity model from a 3D VSP survey at the Alpine Fault DFDP-2 drill site in the Southern Alps in New Zealand containing the used first-arrival travel times and the obtained P-wave velocity model.