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AlternativeTitle: Media_Array2019


Additional titleAlternativeTitle: Media_Array2019
Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsother - Funder
Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsAkkermann, Miriam - ProjectLeader
Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsGottfried, Rama - RelatedPerson
Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataAkkermann, Miriam
Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataAkkermann, Miriam - TU Dresden
AbstractEditorial For the 2019 issue of Array, we focus on the idea of “Agency” in electronic and computer music, explored through the artistic and theoretical reflections of composers, performers, engineers, and musicologists. How do algorithms and artificial intelligences create a particular character through the decisions they make? How do we interpret the intention of nonhuman agents in the process of musical creation and analysis? Is it possible to tell the difference between the intention of outside agencies from a projection of our own biases? How does the surrounding context integrate into the work itself? The writings present a collection of contemporary approaches and perspectives from the field, examining topics ranging from the agency of digital signal processing and sonic analysis algorithms, to the design of inclusive instrument systems, object based composition, and aesthetic considerations on composition and performance in highly relational situations. In accompaniment to the printed issue, we are including this free download of media examples related to the texts.
Series informationARRAY is the official Magazine of the International Computer Music Association ICMA
Table of contentsEvelyn Ficarra, Piano Bench Variations, Performance excerpts 2019 Concrescence 3. Studio live performance of the Machine Milieu project recorded in L'Aquila, Italy, in 2015.
Year or period of data production2019
Publication year2019
PublisherTechnische Universität Dresden
PublisherThe International Computer Music Association
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Content of the research dataImage, Sound, Audiovisual: Media examples related to ARRAY2019
Other specification of usage rightsFor private use only.
Holder of usage rightsTechnische Universität Dresden
Holder of usage rightsAll copyrights remains with the authors.
Usage rights of the dataCC-BY-NC-ND-4.0
Additional precise description of disciplineComputer music, Electro-acoustic music, music technology, composition, sound art
Discipline(s)Computer Sciencede
Discipline(s)Information Technologyde
Discipline(s)Arts and Mediade
Title of the datasetARRAY2019_Media

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