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Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataZethof, Jeroen H.T. (ORCID: 0000-0001-8029-8617)
Used research instruments or devicesSTA 449 F5 Jupiter analyser (NETZSCH, Hanau, Germany)
Applied methods and techniques20–40 mg of sample material was placed in an Al2O3 crucible and heated under a constant heating program from ambient to 1100 C with a ramp of 20 C min-1. First analyses were conducted under an oxygen-rich atmosphere, with an inflow of 250mL O2 min-1 and 250mLN2 min-1. Additional tests were done under anoxic conditions whereby the oxygen inflow was cut 100 off between 500 and 850 C. The oxygen inflow was restored and the heating program continued until 1100 C. Measured sample mass data are fitted with the spline function over the temperature, with steps of 1 C, via the Proteus Thermal Analysis software (NETZSCH, Hanau, Germany).
Additional keywordsThermogravimetric analysis
Year or period of data production2017-2019
Publication year2019
PublisherTechnische Universität Dresden
References on related materialsIsPartOf: 10.5194/soil-5-1-2019 (DOI)
Content of the research dataOther: Thermograms TGA in excel format
Holder of usage rightsTechnische Universität Dresden
Usage rights of the dataCC-BY-4.0
SoftwareResource Processing: Proteus Thermal Analysis 6.1.0
Discipline(s)Geological Sciencede
Title of the datasetAccompanying materials for the publication: "Identifying and quantifying geogenic organic carbon in soils – the case of graphite" - TGA thermograms

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