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Supplementary data to publication GPS Solutions 24:64 (2020) Wanninger, L., Heßelbarth, A. (2020): GNSS code and carrier phase observations of a Huawei P30 smartphone: quality assessment and centimeter-accurate positioning; GPS Solutions 24:64, (open access). The data set consists of GNSS observations of a smartphone Huawei P30. They were collected in 8 static observation sessions with an overall duration of 77 h. Each session data set includes raw data gathered by GNSSLogger and RINEX files for Huawei P30 and a local reference station. The data sets are stored in two separate zip-archives. This archive contains the RINEX observations of Huawei P30, RINEX observations of the local reference station "BZW1" equipped with SEPT POLARX5 / JAVRINGANT_DM JVDM, broadcast ephemerides in RINEX format, and antenna corrections in ANTEX format. All RINEX files containing Huawei P30 observations use station name "HUAW". The five rooftop sessions with different Huawei P30 orientations were used to calibrate the phase center of the smartphone. This was repeated with the DRB2 rotational device, which enables observations in four azimuthal orientations per minute. Our results of the HUAWEI P30 phase center calibration, valid for the setup as shown in the paper (Fig. 1), are found in the ANTEX directory. The two field sessions are complemented with additional observations by LEICA GRX1200+ GNSS / NAX3G+C NONE at the same stations as used by the Huawei P30. In field session 1 the station is named "1000". In the second session it is called "2000".

This collection is open access and publicly accessible.


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