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The data belong to the publication Wordell-Dietrich, P., Don, A., Wotte, A., Rethemeyer, J., Bachmann, J., Helfrich, M., Kirfel, K., & Leuschner, C. (2019). Vertical partitioning of CO2 production in a forest soil. Biogeosciences Discussions, April, 1–27. The dataset contains: 1) measurements of volumetric water content, soil temperature, carbon dioxide in three soil profiles in a beech forest in Germany 2) isotopic data of carbon dioxide in the soil atmosphere 3) diffusion parameters Detailed information on methods and calculations can be found in the publication.

This project is open access and publicly accessible.


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    The collection contains data on volumetric water content, soil temperature and carbon dioxide concentration from three subsoil observatories. It also contains data on soil respiration measurements, isotopic data of the ...

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