Appendices to the data collections of the following publications: - Publication A: Study on the influence of solids volume fraction on filter cake structures using micro tomography - Publication B: Neighborhood Relationships of Widely Distributed and Irregularly Shaped Particles in Partially Dewatered Filter Cakes - Publication C: Insight into filter cake structures using micro tomography: The dewatering equilibrium - Publication D: Network model of porous media – Review of old ideas with new methods - Publication E: Wetting behavior of porous structures: Three-dimensional determination of the contact angle after filter cake dewatering using X-ray microscopy The data collection contains tomographic images (ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa) of partially dewatered filter cakes according to VDI 2762. The images include filter cake structures from additional particle systems such as mica, limestone, quartz, dolomite and glass particles and thus complement the reference system of aluminum oxide particles (publications A to E). All particles are between 50 and 200 µm in size, and their shape varies from spherical to cubic to fibrous and plate-like.

This collection is open access and publicly accessible.


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  • fully saturated and dewatered filter cakes at different resolutionsOpen Access Icon 

    Löwer, Erik (Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg - Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mineral Processing, 2021)
    Appendix to Publications A to E with investigations of different particle systems (material, size and shape variation). X-ray tomography image of fully and partially dewatered filter cakes. The initial slurries contains ...