This dataset contains the images of conventional diagnostic methods for occlusal caries of the 17 teeth examined. For each tooth sample, one photograph (.JPG file) of the occlusal surface is available representative for visual inspection. The photographs during examination were acquired with a digital camera (sony α6600, Sony, Tokyo, Japan) using two different settings: exposure time in the range of 1/50 - 1/100 seconds and ISO sensitivity in the range of 800 - 1600. The settings are specified in the embedded meta information of the corresponding image files. Supplementary, all occlusal surfaces were graded according to ICDAS II (International Caries Detection and Assessment System) criteria during visual inspection. The score is provided in the file description for each tooth. In addition to that, one bitewing X-ray image (.tif file) is provided representative for conventional radiological diagnostics in clinical day-to-day practice. All radiographs were acquired using the following X-ray parameters: peak voltage: 60 kV, exposure time: 0.04 s, current: 7 mAs.

This collection is open access and publicly accessible.


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