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The comminution of multiphase particles depends on several influencing variables, such as the microstructure. This is often described in terms of defects, interfaces and phases. XCT (X-ray Computed Tomography) is used to gain insight into the microstructure of slag particles. Lithium aluminate slag is used as the slag system, with the lithium aluminate as the target phase which needs to be liberated. A slag cube with an edge length of about 4 mm was measured with the XCT (Zeiss Xradia 510 Versa). A 3D representation of the target phase can be obtained by further image processing of the raw data set. The XCT raw data set and the binary data set for the target phase are provided. The measurement and reconstruction settings can also be found here. This supplements ar part of the publication: Utilizing X-Ray computed tomography for lithium slag: A guide to analyze microstructure and its potential influence on liberation.

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