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In this study, ultrasonic decoating is investigated as a recycling process for solid oxide cells (SOC). SOC are mainly particle-based oxide ceramics and have a layer structure in the micrometer range. Critical raw materials such as nickel and various rare earth elements are present in high concentration in these layers. Based on the layer structure, the selective decoating approach has proven to be suitable for recovering very highly concentrated material streams without the need for complex separation processes. In ultrasonic decoating, the load is introduced on one side via a sonotrode. This leads to a preferential detachment of the stressed side. Ultrasonic decoating can be used to selectively separate the oxygen side layers of SOC.

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  • Data for ultrasonic decoating of solid oxide cellsOpen Access Icon 

    Kaiser, Carlo; Kaiser, Carlo (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2023)
    This file contains the raw data and data obtained from it for the publication "Ultrasonic decoating as a new recycling path to separate oxygen side layers in solid oxide cells". The file consists of: 1. an Excel document ...