The OPARA service was recently upgraded to a new technical platform. You are visiting the outdated OPARA website. Please use for new data submissions. Previously stored data will be migrated in near future and then the old version of OPARA will finally be shut down. Existing DOIs for data publications remain valid.

The supplementary material includes all raw data used for the publication. These are the recorded mixture Raman spectra for the binary mixtures acetone-water, acetone-n-heptane, acetone-n-hexane, acetone-cyclohexane and acetone-ethanol at 25°C as .txt files. The files are located in the subfolders of the respective mixture name in the 'Data' folder. The 'Data' folder also contains the raman shift ('ramanshift' ,.txt) for all spectra. In addition, the literature data for the mixture densities and refractive indices can be found in the .xlsx file 'refractive_index_density'. The python code used for the evaluation, which is also used to generate the figures shown in the publication, can be found in the 'Code' folder. A description on how the code works can be found in the 'Read me' file. The supplementary material includes the raw spectra as .txt files as well as the Python code for data evaluation and visualization.

This collection is open access and publicly accessible.


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