The CRC 940/2 subproject B6 on "Individual differences in effort discounting and adjustments in volitional control" aims at providing an account for the role of individual differences in effort discounting or demand avoidance in order to better predict individual control adjustments across a variety of tasks. Across several studies, the nature of self-reported dispositional effort investment will be systematized (Study 1), it will be determined whether demand avoidance in behavioural tasks can be considered as a stable disposition that is related to self-reported effort investment (Study 2), and it will be examined whether individuals high in effort investment and demand avoidance actually invest more effort in task processing and how this effort investment is adjusted depending on task difficulty and payoff in typical cognitive control tasks (Study 3). Furthermore, project B6 aims at modeling these control adjustments based on individual differences in cost and benefit representations in further studies.

This project is open access and publicly accessible.


Sub-projects within this project

  • B6.Pilot (CRC 940/2 B6.Pilot) [1]Open Access Icon

    In this pilot study for Study 1 of CRC 940/2 subproject B6, we collected data from a large sample via an online survey using the questionnaires to assess the following personality traits: Need for Cognition, Self-Control, ...

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