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  • Data Archive DFDP Seismic extended 3D surface and VSP survey (Alpine Fault 3D-VSP)Open Access Icon 

    Lay, Vera; Buske, Stefan; Townend, John; Eccles, Jennifer; Kellett, Richard; Constantinou, Alexis; Schmitt, Douglas; Bertram, Malcolm; Hall, Kevin; Savage, Martha; Gorman, Andrew; Bodenburg, Sascha Barbara; Kleine, Franz; Kofman, Randolf; Benson, Adrian; Gulley, Anton; McNab, Andrew; Lindsay, Danielle; Hopp, Chet; Mann, Christin; Lepine, Patrick; Bowman, Hamish; Lawton, Don (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2021)
    This seismic data set was acquired in 2016 by a joint effort of several partners. A detailed field report describes the field procedures and available data: Townend, J., Eccles, J., Kellett, R., Buske, S., Constantinou, ...
  • Seismic P-wave velocity model at the DFDP-2 drill siteOpen Access Icon 

    Lay, Vera; Buske, Stefan; Bodenburg, Sascha Barbara (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2019)
    Data sets for a seismic P-wave velocity model from a 3D VSP survey at the Alpine Fault DFDP-2 drill site in the Southern Alps in New Zealand containing the used first-arrival travel times and the obtained P-wave velocity model.