NEXTGenIO will solve the problem by bridging the gap between memory and storage. This will use Intel's revolutionary new Optane DC Persistent Memory, which will sit between conventional memory and disk storage. NEXTGenIO will design the hardware and software to exploit the new memory technology. The goal is to build a system with 100x faster I/O than current HPC systems, a significant step towards Exascale computation. The advances that Optane DC Persistent Memory and NEXTGenIO represent are transformational across the computing sector.

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Sammlungen in diesem Bereich

  • Application scripts and configurationsOpen Access Icon

    This collection contains configurations, startup scripts and documentations of following applications: - Gromacs - Kronos - MONC - OpenFOAM examples - PyCOMPSs examples - Persistent Memory Development Kit - examples (PMDK)
  • Project documentationOpen Access Icon

    This collections contains: - Deliverable's - Newsletter - Presentations - White papers - Work package interactions - Intermediate reports

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