The ListDB provides a uniform standard for collecting and describing video-based traffic observations, e.g. using drones. This project provides selected data sets, i.e. recorded videos including metadata. || (German) Publication: || ListDB Gitlab:

This project is open access and publicly accessible.


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  • ListDB: Point of interests #1 [1]Open Access Icon

    Selected videos including metadata from traffic observations according to the ListDB format ( Videos are collected in Dresden, Germany, and show the traffic at selected interscetions.

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Recent Submissions

  • ListDB drone videos: Road traffic accident and interaction with VRUsOpen Access Icon 

    Bäumler, Maximilian - Technische Universität Dresden (ORCID: 0000-0003-4052-0572)
    The dataset includes two drone videos (excerpts) recorded in Dresden, Germany, at a 4-way intersection. The first video shows a minor property damage accident, the second video shows an interaction between a car and ...