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Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationseu - Funder
Other contributing persons, institutions or organisationsKästner, Markus - ProjectLeader
Person(s) who is (are) responsible for the content of the research dataHeindel, Leonhard
AbstractThis dataset provides acceleration and strain measurements from a sensor equipped eBike, which were collected for the development of new methods for fatigue damage monitoring and maneuver identification tasks.
Regions the data is referencingDresden
Additional keywordsPredictive Maintenance
Additional keywordsE-Mobility
Additional keywordsFatigue
Additional keywordsDamage regression
Year or period of data production2022
Publication year2022
PublisherTechnische Universität Dresden
References on related materialsIsPartOf: 123456789/5738 (Handle)
Content of the research dataImage, Dataset, Software: The dataset mainly includes measurement time series files. Additionally, pictures are included to document the experimental setup and a python script is provided in order to facilitate the data access.
Holder of usage rightsTechnische Universität Dresden
Usage rights of the dataCC-BY-4.0
SoftwareResource Processing: Python
Title of the dataseteBike measurements for fatigue monitoring and maneuver identification tasks

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