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Recent Submissions

  • 3-component servo-hydraulic test bench measurements for virtual sensing and forward prediction tasksOpen Access Icon 

    Heindel, Leonhard; Hantschke, Peter; Kästner, Markus (Technische Universität Dresden, 2021)
    This dataset was created to provide measurements of a non-linear dynamic system with multiple input and output signal channels for the developement and testing of virtual sensing and forward prediction algorithms. It also ...
  • CARInA - Corpus of Aligned Read speech Including AnnotationsOpen Access Icon 

    Kath, Hannes (Technische Universität Dresden, 2021)
    Data CARInA, MATLAB-Code, Documents. The speech corpus is annotated (by automatic systems) at orthographic, morphosyntactic, broad phonetic, narrow phonetic and prosodic level.
  • Experiments and Results: Spinlock, PWCS, Circuit Design and Performance Evaluation of PRISM implementationOpen Access Icon 

    Märcker, Steffen (Technische Universität Dresden, 2021)
    This dataset contains the model files, queries, experiment setups, raw results and plots of the experiments: 1) analysis of the spinlock protocol, 2) analysis of the PWCS protocol, 3) analysis of the circuit designs for ...
  • PRISM Probabilistic Model Checker extended by conditional probabilities, long-run averages and cumulative updatesOpen Access Icon 

    Märcker, Steffen (Technische Universität Dresden, 2021)
    Source code of the probabilistic model checker PRISM ( ) that includes all extensions developed for the thesis: 1) implementation of methods for conditional probabilities and expectations, 2) ...
  • Anforderungen an die Orchestrierung modularer ProzessanlagenOpen Access Icon 

    Klose, Anselm; Merkelbach, Silke; Menschner, Anna; Hensel, Stephan; Heinze, Sebastian; Urbas, Leon; Bittorf, Lukas; Schäfer, Christian; Szmais, Stafanie; Eckert, Manfred; Rüde, Timo; Scherwietes, Thomas; da Silva Santos, Polyana; Stenger, Frank; Holm, Thomas; Welscher, Wolfgang; Krink, Niclas; Schenk, Tim; Stutz, Andreas; Maurmaier, Mathias; Stark, Katharina; Hoernicke, Mario; Unland, Stefan; Erben, Stefan; Keßler, Franziska; Apitz, Frank (Technische Universität Dresden, 2019)
    Die Orchestrierung modularer Prozessanlagen beschreibt das Verschalten von modularen Prozesseinheiten (PEA) zu einer modularen Anlage, sowohl aus verfahrenstechnischer, als auch aus automatisierungstechnischer Sicht. In ...
  • VideodateienOpen Access Icon 

    Schuldt, Stefan (Technische Universität Dresden, 2018)