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Recent Submissions

  • Computed tomography data of different resolution of expanded polypropylene foams of different densityOpen Access Icon 

    Preiß, Gina; Löffler, Markus; Koch, Ilja; Geske, Vinzenz; Danczak, Marek; Gude, Maik (Technische Universität DresdenInstitute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology - ILK, 2022)
    In this work, the morphology of three EPP bead foams with closed cells and different densities is studied using x-ray computed tomography. The specimens of 10 mm diameter and 10 mm length were cut from steam-chest-molded ...
  • IV curves obtained from thermionic emission tests with C12A7:e- thick film samplesOpen Access Icon 

    Wulfkühler, Jan-Philipp; Martin, Tajmar (Technische Universität Dresden, 2022)
    Thermionic emission current density measurement of C12A7:e- thick film samples. Samples prepared by Fraunhofer IKTS. Bulk coating: Proprietary composite with C12A7:e-. Thickness: 100 µm. Substrate: Titanium Measurement ...
  • eBike measurements for fatigue monitoring and maneuver identification tasksOpen Access Icon 

    Heindel, Leonhard; Hantschke, Peter; Kästner, Markus (Technische Universität Dresden, 2022)
    This dataset provides acceleration and strain measurements from a sensor equipped eBike, which were collected for the development of new methods for fatigue damage monitoring and maneuver identification tasks.
  • 3-component servo-hydraulic test bench measurements for virtual sensing and forward prediction tasksOpen Access Icon 

    Heindel, Leonhard; Hantschke, Peter; Kästner, Markus (Technische Universität Dresden, 2021)
    This dataset was created to provide measurements of a non-linear dynamic system with multiple input and output signal channels for the developement and testing of virtual sensing and forward prediction algorithms. It also ...
  • Anforderungen an die Orchestrierung modularer ProzessanlagenOpen Access Icon 

    Klose, Anselm; Merkelbach, Silke; Menschner, Anna; Hensel, Stephan; Heinze, Sebastian; Urbas, Leon; Bittorf, Lukas; Schäfer, Christian; Szmais, Stafanie; Eckert, Manfred; Rüde, Timo; Scherwietes, Thomas; da Silva Santos, Polyana; Stenger, Frank; Holm, Thomas; Welscher, Wolfgang; Krink, Niclas; Schenk, Tim; Stutz, Andreas; Maurmaier, Mathias; Stark, Katharina; Hoernicke, Mario; Unland, Stefan; Erben, Stefan; Keßler, Franziska; Apitz, Frank (Technische Universität Dresden, 2019)
    Die Orchestrierung modularer Prozessanlagen beschreibt das Verschalten von modularen Prozesseinheiten (PEA) zu einer modularen Anlage, sowohl aus verfahrenstechnischer, als auch aus automatisierungstechnischer Sicht. In ...
  • VideodateienOpen Access Icon 

    Schuldt, Stefan (Technische Universität Dresden, 2018)