Bead foams with their hierarchical geometrical structure are a challenge in statistical reconstruction and finite element modelling. For the purpose of providing fundamental micro- and meso-structural descriptors of expanded polypropylene bead foams of different density, 3D-images from X-ray computed tomography (CT) are acquired. The data provided comprise reconstructed volume data as well as segmented data of three specimens of different density. Coarse scans of the specimen volume, definitions of certain regions of interests (ROI) as well as high resolution scans of the ROIs are included.

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  • Computed tomography data of different resolution of expanded polypropylene foams of different densityOpen Access Icon 

    Preiß, Gina; Löffler, Markus; Koch, Ilja; Geske, Vinzenz; Danczak, Marek; Gude, Maik (Technische Universität DresdenInstitute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology - ILK, 2022)
    In this work, the morphology of three EPP bead foams with closed cells and different densities is studied using x-ray computed tomography. The specimens of 10 mm diameter and 10 mm length were cut from steam-chest-molded ...